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Maintenance Tips for Older Cars

Vehicles continue to be built better all the time, and that can be proven by how long they remain on the road. Did you know nationwide, the average vehicle age is now an all-time high of about 12 years? But they still need some upkeep to get there and beyond.

There are many benefits to maintaining your older car. Treating it well with proper maintenance will lead to a rewarding long-term ownership, saving you the expense of buying a new vehicle sooner than necessary. Following these tips could make you successful in maintaining your older car.

1. Maintain your car’s braking system

Many owners wait until they hear disconcerting noises. Be proactive, and don’t wait until something bad happens to your car. Have your brakes checked to ensure the brake pads don’t wear thin and that your brake fluid doesn’t run low, which indicates either a leak or badly worn brake pads (or shoes, for some rear brakes or classic vehicles’ front brakes). Leaking brake fluid indicates that immediate repairs are required.

2. Don’t neglect your tires

Taking care of your tires, like most old car maintenance tips, is also good for your bank account, because it makes your car more fuel efficient and you spend less on gas. Did you know that for every 1 psi drop in air pressure in your tires, you can suffer a .4 MPG decrease, according to the Department of Energy? It may not sound like much, but consider that a drop of only 3 PSI means more than 1 MPG lost. Keep in mind that pressure will change with temperature, so as colder weather moves in, every 10 degree drop will result in a tire pressure drop of 1 to 2 PSI.

3. Steering, suspension, and alignment

Steering and suspension keep your tires pointed in the correct direction, so when there are problems with them, it can accelerate the wear of your tires. Avoid these problems by ensuring your suspension parts and wheel alignment are inspected by a professional.

4. Radiator/heater hoses

Part of old car care is making sure your hoses are inspected and changed as needed. As cars age, they often need every hose replaced. Hoses deteriorate from the inside out, so a careful inspection (when the vehicle is cool) by gripping each hose and pinching it can spot a soft spot that will soon turn into a hole and leak. To prevent a breakdown, though, consider replacing any questionable hose.

5. Fuel system

Aging fuel lines may crack, or the rubber o-rings may dry out. Either condition can cause a leak, which means a risk of causing a fire. Fixing a fuel line that is leaking is a routine procedure for most auto repair shops. Also, most vehicles’ fuel filters should be replaced every 30,000 miles. This can lengthen the life of the fuel pump, which otherwise would strain to push fuel against a partially clogged filter.

Following these tips can mean many more years and miles of trouble-free driving!

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