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Winter Maintenance Tips

Winter can be a tough time for drivers. From slippery roads to piles of snow to increased darkness, it’s no surprise that 21 percent of all traffic accidents in America occur during hazardous weather. But winter is not just hard on commuters. It’s also tough on the cars that they drive. Moisture, salt, sludge, and cold temperatures can all wreak havoc on a vehicle. We’ve compiled a list of winter maintenance tips to ensure a safer winter.


1. Wiper Blades

Changing your wiper blades is one of the most important repairs you can make to your vehicle. There’s nothing more frightening to be blinded by the mud, snow and salt splashed on your windshield while frantically trying to wipe it off with old, ineffective wiper blades.


2. Brakes
During the winter, the ice and snow can have a dramatic effect on your vehicle’s stopping distance. Why make it even worse with bad brakes? Having your brakes inspected by a certified professional will give you the peace of mind to know that your braking system is safe for winter driving.


3. Battery
There’s nothing fun about getting into your car and hearing the slow “Ka-Chugging” of the starter due to dead battery. Don’t get caught in the cold this winter, check your battery for signs that it needs replacing. Take a look at the posts on the battery. If there is a build-up, chances are that your car battery needs to be replaced. All vehicle batteries should be replaced every five to seven years.


4. Alignment
Navigating the icy roadways can be a difficult task for any winter driver. Having the proper alignment in your vehicle can help you avoid potential accidents. Check your vehicle for signs that you need an alignment. Uneven wear on the tread of your tires, shaking when driving or pulling to one side are all indicators of alignment problems.


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